ADDU The corals in the country’s most southern atoll, Addu, are absolutely spectacular. I joined its fans that come from all around the world to be awe-struck with the colours and variety of corals, when diving or snorkelling.

ARI ATOLL A huge oval lagoon, surrounded by reefs, Ari Atoll is known for abundant marine life. Its nutrient rich waters flow through channels and attract large creatures from the open sea. I took full advantage of their buffet of exceptional diving resorts.

THODOO Administratively a part of Ari Atoll, Thodoo is a separate island known for its market garden produce, especially watermelons and betel leaf. I visited a resort or two here to watch troupes of traditional dancers performing for guests.

RASDHOO ATOLL Rasdhoo is an attractive little town off the north-eastern corner of the Ari Atoll. The Rasdhoo Madivaru is known for Hammerhead Sharks and I saw them at the best  place  to  meet  these  creatures - the world-famous Hammerhead Point. The depths drop drastically to over 200m and the waters are exceptionally clear.

BIYADHOO ISLAND RESORT This peaceful resort is one of the best reef houses in the Maldives PADI Dive Centre. The island offers a variety of water sports including diving, snorkelling and many others. With over 35 diving spots available in the area, I chose to dive in many different ways depending on weather and current conditions.

SEENU ATOLL Previously an air force base, the picturesque Seenu Atoll is indisputably one of the major tourist destinations in Maldives. There are many excellent diving locations and all of them offer a chance to explore the marine world. Among all other tourist destinations, this one holds a special place in my heart.